lunes, abril 16, 2007


- Smashing Pumking: "mashed potatoes III"
- Smashing Pumking: "mashed potatoes IV"
- Dead for Cutie: "Plans"
- Lullaby of Smashing Pumpkins.
- Bush: "Zen for four"
- Black Rebel Motorcycle Club: "Baby 81"
- Richard Ashcroft: "Live Paris"
- Brett Anderson: "Brett anderson".
- Jimmy Eat World: "Stand by my Side Tonight"
- The Raveonettes: "Pretty in Black"
- Miguel Bose: "papito"
- American Hi- Fi: "Hearts pleasure"
- Bjork: "Opera Army"
- Tribute to Smashing Pumpkins "The Killer in Me"
- Interpol: "Turn on the Bright lights"
- Artic Monkeys: "Our Favorite Worsth Nightmares"
- Placebo: "Covers"
- Radiohead: "Acoustic Sessions"
- Placebo: Live Quilmes Rock"
- The Killers: "Live- B sides"
- Sisters of Mercy: "First, always"

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